Our Stories

The Fruition of EvenStart Design For A Cause

Ilona Boyce1/ 9/20

EvenStart Design for a Cause was created in a collaborative effort of Ilona Boyce’s vision to combine her passion for silk scarves and appreciation for local Calgary artists. The concept of selling high quality, locally created scarves that would support The EvenStart Foundation,  Design for a Cause program was born.Since...

Our Children - Katy

Emma Elizabeth4/ 9/19

In our program, we have had a young child name Katy. Katy had experienced abuse in her home. Sadly, this abuse was sexual and it was from people she should have been able to trust. The first day she arrived at our program, she would only hum and rock. Part...

Our Children- Jenny And Daniel

Emma Elizabeth4/ 9/19

This is the story of Jenny and Daniel… As the winds howled in Calgary and snow hit the thin bedroom window, Jenny pulled the covers tighter around her and her 3 year old son, Daniel. The bedroom was sparse – a single room that housed all of their belongings as...